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1undread - I'm Alright (artwork faeton music)

1undread – I’m Alright (2020)

Hello, everybody! It’s Sunday again…I am totally lost in the days 🙂 Only one thing that is stable — music flow on this website. Let’s check the fresh track together. Here is 1undread — trip-hop music project from Bermuda, UK, and their fresh track “I’m Alright”. From the very...
Lorcán - Falling In (artwork faeton music)

Lorcán – Falling In

Good evening, my friends. I am not sure if it’s sad because of the music, or the music because of the sadness…in any case, I’d like to share this wonderful music with you. Here is Lorcán — indie / slowcore music artist from Bristol, UK, and his song “Falling...
Memory Cult - Pityful (artwork faeton music)

Memory Cult – Pityful (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Memory Cult – indie / experimental / electronic music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Today here is his latest track “Pityful”. First of all – it’s amazing! I’m in love with this voice and electronic arrangement. Totally beautiful. I like the way voice sounds in...
ANDRÆ - I don't fall, I crash (artwork faeton music)

ANDRÆ – I don’t fall I crash (2020)

Hello, guys! Yesterday was crazy day for me 🙂 I’ve made a lot of things…even those I hadn’t planned to do. My head was like a chewed lemon. Anyways, I am alive and I am here again. Such a Phoenix! Today here is ANDRÆ – indie electronic / downtempo...
Kyler Slater - Perfect Form (artwork faeton music)

Kyler Slater – Perfect Form (2020)

Good morning 🙂 A beautiful winter day outside. I am, traditionally, sitting in front of the computer and typing this text. Probably, maybe better…but I am pretty happy with the one I have already. Kyler Slater – indie electronic / alternative music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Here...
Your Friend, Ghost - December (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – December (feat. Cam The Era Man & Yobbz) (2019)

Hello! The last few days I’ve got some melancholic wave of mood. I know why for sure. But I’d like to leave it inside of my head. This track is perfect fit for me at this point. If you’re following Faeton Music, then you probably already know “Your Friend,...
Usken - The Nest (artwork faeton music)

Usken – The Nest (2019)

Hello! It’s Monday, okay, everybody should go somewhere and do something… But I don’t give a fuck. I just want to be on my place and to show fresh wonderful music to all of you. So, let’s dive into it! As you can see, today here Usken – trip-hop...
Your Friend, Ghost - Stray (artwork faeton music)

Your Friend, Ghost – Stray (2019)

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend? Hope everything was gorgeous! Anyways, it’s monday again, and we all need at least to try to start this work week 🙂 I am posting this track for those of you, who still somewhere in between friday’s evening and sunday’s morning. “Your Friend, Ghost”...
Dominic Wolf - Tainted Paradise (artwork faeton music)

Dominic Wolf – Tainted Paradise (2019)

Hello. Every morning I am posting the fresh music from around the world, and each time it’s like an ancient ritual for me. It’s making me happy. I feel that I am doing something important for the world. Okay, maybe it sounds a little bit too much…but I really...
Babybird - No Cameras (artwork faeton music)

Babybird – No Cameras (2019)

Hello. It’s almost summer and I feel it with whole my body and mind. Some things are already gone, another – still not come. But we all believe in the best, right? 🙂 This song catch me from the very first seconds and still don’t let go. I’ve listened...
Lye Marlow - Blindsided (artwork faeton music)

Lye Marlow – Blindsided (2019)

Hello! In this track you can hear gentle female vocal with contrasting background by noisy industrial/electronic arrangement. It’s just a perfect stuff for my current mood tbh. Enjoy. Website Facebook Soudcloud Spotify Youtube Instagram Twitter Favorite

Me Not You — Chemical Cure (2018)

Good morning! Second time this band in my blog…this music deserving your attention 🙂 They released EP yesterday, you can check out folliwong link: Reckoning 2 EP Anyway, this particular track is very good (at least for me). Hope if you click play button and listen it for 30secs,...