June Rosewell - Medicine (artwork faeton music)

June Rosewell – Medicine (2023)

Hey, folks! I hope you are all okay 🙂 I’m back to share one more wonderful song with you. This time here is June Rosewell — indie / folk music artist from Nashville, US, and her fresh song “Medicine”. Click “play” and let’s dive right in! The song’s mood...
Imaginary Sister - Forces (artwork faeton music)

Imaginary Sister – Forces (2022)

Hi guys! Yellow and red leaves tell me that it’s autumn. I am not really into the “season depression” thing in general. But sometimes I just want to relax my brain. Today here is Imaginary Sister — indie-folk music band from Antwerp, Belgium, and the song “Forces”. Let’s check...
N. Sherman - Open the Door (artwork faeton music)

N. Sherman – Open the Door (2022)

Hi guys! The last few posts were heavy and dark af. So, today I am here with some waaaay much lighter and calmer music for your ears. Here is N. Sherman — singer-songwriter from Kelowna, Canada, and his fresh song “Open the Door”. Let’s check it together! The song...
Cormorant Tree Oh - The Cave (artwork faeton music)

Cormorant Tree Oh – The Cave (2022)

Hi, friends! I totally love music with some ethnic sounds and vibes. Not always, but sometimes it’s just hooks me so much! Today I am here with one of those tracks with ethnic shades that shot me right in my heart. Here is Cormorant Tree Oh — experimental /...
Vintz Desert - Sisyphus (artwork faeton music)

Vintz Desert – Sisyphus (2022)

Hi, guys! Since 24.02 my country (Ukraine) living in a new reality. This bloody war is already taking hundreds if not thousands of lives. This is so painful… But we all believe in truth and our victory. Thanks to all people and countries for the support