Simon Alexander - Ocean (artwork faeton music)

Simon Alexander – Ocean (2020)

No long introductions today. Here is Simon Alexander — acoustic / folk / indie music artist from Goteborg, Sweden, with his fresh song “Ocean”, from the sophomore album ‘Riverine’, coming out November 13th. Let’s give it a listen! Traditionally, we can hear his amazing voice inside of a fragile...
Astrolemo - Time Travel (Acoustic) (artwork faeton music)

Astrolemo – Time Travel (Acoustic) (2020)

Good morning, world 🙂 I don’t know why, but Astrolemo’s vocal-tracks are always touching my heart. I’ve already posted this song here, but not an acoustic version of it. So, today you have a chance to listen to the acoustic version. It’s a miracle, how the voice and the...
Astrolemo - Haunting Me (Acoustic) (artwork faeton music)

Astrolemo – Haunting Me (Acoustic) (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Week starts with the nice news from Astrolemo! If you still don’t know who is it, then check out THIS LINK. I’ve already posted a bunch of his track here, and today here is a re-arranged version of one of my favorite songs — “Haunting Me”....
moon nite - Ink (Clown Music #8) (artwork faeton music)

moon nite – Ink (Clown Music #8) (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂 Two days of good psychedelic music. I am not sure about the tag “psychedelic”, but it’s pretty close to it. Perfect music to do nothing. Here is “moon nite” — shoegaze / lo-fi rock music artist from Yuma, Arizona, US, and the song “Ink...