Zane Coppard

Zane Coppard

Zane Coppard - indie / experimental / psychedelic music artist from Vancouver, Canada.


Zane Coppard is a multifaceted musician who brings aspects of his avant-garde experiments into a beautiful union with pop music. 
Pulling from vast musical influence, not only those famed from the present and past, but also having been steeped in music at home as a child. Zane has garnered a unique ability to express many aspects of the human experience through what he creates.

With a musician for a father, Zane was surrounded by alternative arts at home. Zane was made to choose his instrumental path at a young age.
 At 8 years old he began training as a drummer, playing in bars and clubs at 14 and going on to tour as a session drummer for various groups. Zane has toured extensively with artists like: Dralms, Belle Game, Evan Konrad and the heavy psyche band Crosss. 
Throughout his early career, he constantly recorded music under his own monikers, 1000 Petal Lotus and dounpour (both being heavily experimental, ambient projects) as well as Smash Boom Pow, a band he shares with his brother Ulysses.

In his upcoming album, “Of Self” (Bonfire Records), Zane draws attention back to what is most essential but overlooked in our outwardly focused society - the Self, just as the title indicates. Not only a reminder and reflection for himself, this work allows the listener to engage as it suits them and their own human experience. Personal sentiment is layered throughout the album which sees Japser Miller (Outback, Diamond Cafe) on additional synth and drum programming, Dougal Bain (Layten Kramer) on strings, Ulysses on guitar as well as mixing and mastering and his partner Mikayla on background vocals.