Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie - industrial / darkwave music artist from LA, US.


Violent Vickie is a Los Angeles based Darkwave/Electropunk act consisting of Vickie, co-producer/guitarist E and live guitarist Chad Sunde. Her song “SEROTONIN” is influenced by bands like Crystal Castles, Skinny Puppy, Godflesh, Sunno ))), NIN, Yoko Ono and PJ Harvey. She’s been featured in The Deli, Curve, and Mask Magazines, Resident Advisor, LA & SF Weekly and the Seattle Stranger. She has toured the US & Europe, played Occupy Oakland, Gay Prides & Ladyfests. Vickie’s tracks have been released by Emerald & Doreen Recordings (Berlin), Riot Grrrl Berlin, & LoveCraft Bar (PDX). Her track "The Wolf“ was featured in a National Organization for Women film. She was interviewed for the documentary “GRRRL”, part of the museum exhibit “Alien She” Her LP "Monster Alley” was voted best album by KALX and her tracks have been remixed by 20+ artists including Tyler Holmes, Kill Aileen, Telespectador, and Knoxin’.