Vinnie-Dangerous — hip-hop music artist from Fayetteville, United States


With a combination of a passionate delivery, thoughtful song writing, and a unique ear for production, Vinnie-Dangerous stands out among the many talented artists that make up the NC Hip-Hop Scene.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, he began his music career at the age of seven after being inspired by his rapper father, poet mother and Tupac’s Me Against the World album.

Over the past five years, Vinnie-Dangerous has been releasing various music projects have all received critical acclaim.

In a time where many music fans and critics are complaining of a sameness among many emerging artist in today’s Hip-Hop, an artist like Vinnie-Dangerous is the answer. If you’re looking for exciting passionate music with a message that will stand out as well as stand the test of time, take a listen to what Mr. Dangerous has to offer.