Vilde - indie music artist from Melbourne, Australia.


Thomas Savage aka Vilde makes an album per year. Jesper H├Ąttander drums, Elin Ghersinich does art direction and visuals.

Thomas grew up in Melbourne, Australia, a descendent of Irish convict musicians with a familial passion for music. From a young age Thomas was hurled into rhythm and beat. As a teenager, music became an obsessive passion of solitude between acoustic guitars, pianos and an old tape recorder. Gradually this became GarageBand and electric guitars, and eventually onto 80s synths, which have now come to dominate the Vilde soundscape.

The upcoming fourth album was written in Aarhus and Melbourne, recorded in Stockholm and mixed in Norwich throughout 2019. The record was produced and mixed by Thomas Savage, featuring crucial additional mixing by David Pye [Wild Beasts, Dido] and mastering by Eric James[ ] at Philosophers Barn, Norfolk. "I wanted to make something more upbeat and lively, only to discover that death had become the thematic fabric on the record. I'm not sure I achieved what I wanted to, but I'm not sure if that matters." - Thomas Savage