Tyler Bernhardt

Tyler Bernhardt

Tyler Bernhardt - singer songwriter from New York, United States.


Tyler Bernhardt is a multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting encompasses an array of influences, culminating in a highly individual style. His aesthetic and conception combines disparate elements, from captivating raw energy to elevated moods, all timeless qualities evident in his first major release, “What Is This.”

After graduating from the University of Miami’s jazz program in 2011, Tyler settled in New York City, dividing up his time between teaching, writing and performing music. Crafting solo productions since his early teens, he has in later years devoted progressively more time to collaborative efforts. Teaming up with Dag Markhus in 2015 led to the creation of Arietta, No., a studio project with a predilection for the esoteric. With an ever-expanding musicianship, Tyler delves into yet another mode in his latest band, Feralie, formed with drummer Adam Cirillo and keyboardist Brian Fox. Their debut album signifies a departure of sorts, with deft heavy sounds and darker lyrical content, tailored to this unconventional trio’s impressive sonic palette.

Always in ardent pursuit of his muse, Tyler has an innate ability to both tickle the average ear and please the discerning listener, with a relentless genre-defying creativity and output, at once adventurous and rooted, yet paradoxically cohesive.