Trio 22

Trio 22

Trio 22 - jazz music band from Germany


"Trio 22" from Mainz, Germany, unites three extraordinary musicians with a great sense of melody on their respective instruments. The compositions by guitarist Jens Mackenthun form the foundation on which the three unfold their warm, multilayered sound. Bastian Weinig and Max Jentzen complement the clear tone colour of the guitar on double bass and drums, creating a homogenous soundscape that leaves room for musical individuality and improvisational dialogue.

The result is catchy, melodic and contemporar y jazz music which is easily accessible, yet at the same time of fers exciting dynamics and variety. On their latest album "Autumn Falls" (Klangraum Records), the trio demonst rate how well attuned and enthusiastic they are after years of playing together. Ranging from swinging medium and uptempo pieces to melancholy jazz ballads and pop-infused groove numbers, t h e twelve original compositions compel through catchy melodies, a harmonic collect i ve sound and improvised passages that highlight the exceptional individual quality of each of the three musicians.