Treemoss — black / death metal band from New Orlean, United States.


Retro inspired fantasy in modern texture. Treemoss is based out of New Orleans, LA is a one piece conceptual solo project. Instrumental/Progressive/Groove Rock

Treemoss is developed by Tyler Blanchard. Some of his previous works include Felix Koopa & Dank Swamp Rebellion

"I've been recording tunes for almost 15 years now.. I think it's time to finally release a few." Treemoss' music would be described as dreamy and lush with a groovy backbone. These songs almost have a jotted note book idea attached to them. You can feel what he was going through with these "Journal Entry Jam Sessions" as he calls them. "Whatever decided to make its way though usually sticks." The method of recording these track is a bit unorthodox, Treemoss will write the music as it is be recorded with no roadmap or plan. This really creates a snapshot of his tracks to hold a special place. "I have a terrible memory from years of heavy medication, these songs are pieces of what I have left. Sharing my tunes are like letting someone hear my private thoughts, but If they help me, it could someone else too.. I will continue to release music if even one person finds that true." Treemoss's artwork is conceptual including the graphics he releases with his singles. He's moto of "Inspire to Inspire" is as lush as it's sound.