Thomas LaVine

Thomas LaVine

Thomas LaVine β€” indie / folk music artist from Blacksburg, United States


Born in Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg, SC, Thomas blends the organic textures of his roots with ethereal textures and nuances. He is just as at home as a minimalist as he is in soaring choruses and driven guitars.

LaVine is a songwriter who loves using captivating metaphors to convey honest emotional ideas. He has been playing music for his whole life, and started to write songs when he was about 16 years old. He took influences from a wide variety of bands and artists from classics like John Denver to modern favorites such as Andrew Belle and Noah Gundersen. He has developed a unique and authentic style that creates a space for emotion and honesty to take shape in a new way.

When asked about the ideas behind his songs and what he writes about he says β€œAt their core, the songs are usually about whatever you think are. All that matters is what they become to you in the moment. It may have been different for me and it may be different for the next person, but it only really matter what you feel personally.” Known for being abstract, LaVine likes to treat songwriting like a canvas in which to paint with many colors.