Tera Kòrá

Tera Kòrá

Tera Kòrá - neo-soul / r&b / pop music producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands.


From the sunny Carribean island of Curacao comes Tera Kòrá, an Amsterdam based DJ and producer whose new single ‘Walls (feat. Thierry Ganz)’ alongside fellow Dutch producer Youp is due for release on August 2nd, via Majestic Casual.

With a genre defying combination of his tropical roots and trap influences, he already has fans hooked on his unique blend of R&B and soul coined as Soulswing, characterized by soulful melodies, tropical percussion and striking 808 basslines.

Tera Kòrá joins forces with Youp, a fellow Amsterdam producer with a strong background in the Dutch hip hop scene, having worked with some of the country’s biggest rappers including Bizzey, Young Ellens and Jhorrmountain. Thierry Ganz, who hails from the small South American country Suriname tops the single with his smooth and romantic lyrics and vocal performance.