Smokehouse - indie-pop music project from Canada.


SMOKEHOUSE is Daniel MacKenzie & Peter Mol.
Drawing on the influences of artists like Anderson Paak, Tame Impala, and Bombay Bicycle Club - their songs often emerge from musical direction rather than predefined narrative. The two craft gripping, analog-driven orchestral tension with enigmatic personality, coupled with contrasting yet familiar musical moments. It thinks in complexity, but feels warm and inviting, almost as though it’s something you’ve heard before.

When asked about the creation of the forthcoming record, they reminisce of long studio nights that often bled into the early morning inside their Bordeaux-laden synth jungle. Hazy with the faint aroma of Marlboro 27’s and tacos from the Mexican grocer, a muted Tarantino film is interrupted by regularly scheduled Fortnite tournaments, the record is indicative of years of experience, but with the fresh energy of someone creating for the first time.