River Sultan

River Sultan

River Sultan - electronic / downtempo music artist from Los Angeles, US


River Sultan is a concept that intertwines the human experience in which east meets west. This transnational character’s music, in which the two are married by means of mysticism and, more straightforwardly, the artist’s personal background— having lived in various Middle Eastern countries as well as the United States, the influence of both cultures is prevalent. The sound of River Sultan projects audible visions remnant of one-thousand-and-one nights, that dances in the mind as would a familiar trail of hookah smoke, painting apparitions of faraway lands.

He began creating his own music after finding inspiration in the likes of Pink Floyd, Thom Yorke, Björk, Suicide, and David Bowie. The eastern aspect in his influence is derived from classical Arabic singers and musicians from the golden era of Egypt such as Um Kulthum, Farid El-Atrach, Abdel Halim Hafiz, and renowned composer Mohammad Abdel Wahhab. The eclectic style acquired by such diversity is unique to his persona, and both are welded together seamlessly.