Reyn Hartley

Reyn Hartley

Reyn Hartley — hip-hop / rap / trap music artist from New York, United States


Reyn Hartley managed to catapult himself front and center with only 2 songs to his name, gaining millions of streams organically and making headlines in Clash Magazine, Billboard, and Fault Magazine. His debut song "Snitch" has now amassed over 15 million combined streams across DSPs thanks to viral success on TikTok, where celebrities like Addison Rae, Michael Le, Chase Hudson, and Jaden Hossler have helped skyrocket the song to over 200 million plays and growing on the app.

The release of his 3rd single "Energy" hammers the nail in the coffin; he is a dominant force in underground music. “Mother fucker please, you’re killing all my energy / get up out my face I’m not afraid to make an enemy” opens the chorus on Energy as Hartley performs a full-on banger that pays homage to his upbringing in the south. Reyn says the song “is about knowing your worth. When somebody tries you and you know you’re above that, you don’t flinch.” A prominent statement from someone who (if you listen to the lyrics) was evicted twice from his childhood homes in East Dallas, before making his way into the studio in New York and rising to where he is now -- totally independent.