Orochen — neofolk / post-metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden


Orochen is more than a band, it´s a collective with the purpose to always refine and develop their novel sound. Being a new member in the suicide records family makes the band stronger than ever, and with joined forces they will now release Orochen´s third EP.

The backbone of Orochens music is based on dark contemplations of a world where humans and the environment are thought of as economic resources. A society formed under a new religion, that most of us know as capitalism. A religion that alienates people from the natural psychological mechanisms shaped by evolutionary processes over millions of years.

Orochens musical influences comes from a rich blend of genres such as modern americana, indie, folk music, sludge, hardcore and early 00’s post rock gives the band a truly novel sound.


  • Drums: Hampus Olsson
  • Bass: Rasmus Lindblom
  • Guitar and vocals: Jonas Mattsson
  • Guitar and vocals: Emil Gustavsson