Oribu — electronic / hip-hop music duo from Rome, Italy.


Oribu is an electronic Hip hop duo born in Rome in 2017 from the idea of two Roman producers, Paolo Donato and Edoardo Staffa. It started as a Lo-fi hip hop project later migrating to a more intimate and personal electronic-oriented project, accompanied by 3D visuals and motion graphics.

The first self-produced works have attracted the attention of playlists such as "Jazz Vibes", "Chill Instrumental Beats'', "BEATstrumentals'' that led to collaboration with several foreign labels such as College Music and United Common Records. They have been quoted by Skullcandy who described them as "-…some of the best beat-makers and instrumentalists on Soundcloud.". They have collaborated with several artists from the Italian indie scene: in 2018 they released the track "Wolves” produced with Mòn, in 2019 the tracks "L'Océan” and "La fin" with Lamaglietta.

In January 2020 the new album "Overcome" was released, the first release being both physical (vinyl) and digital, preceded by the release of two singles, "Come to stay" and the second in December "What was missing". It was the first electronic LP, further away from the loft-vibes of the previous ones, hence the title."