Oldest Sea

Oldest Sea

Oldest Sea — funeral doom / post-metal project from New Jersey, United States.


Formed in 2017 by songwriter Sam Marandola, Oldest Sea began as one woman’s personal exploration of the darker side of experimental folk music. Having newly expanded the project to a full band, Marandola and company now find themselves passing through ethereal corridors and liminal soundscapes with increasingly heavy steps. The songs meander along paths adjacent to ambient folk music and the plaintive sounds of Americana, finding their way into the vast ominous territory occupied by doom and post-metal.

Inspired by dreams and distance and the sounds of nature, Marandola combines these influences into pieces that are intensely emotional and evocative, yet simultaneously illusory and diffuse. Oldest Sea represents a unique and welcome entry into the canon of atmospheric heavy music as they continue to expand upon and perfect their otherworldly mystique.