Netherwxrld — lo-fi hip-hop project from Canterbury, United Kingdom


An artistic collaborative group comprised of two artists. Xero, a musician and producer, and Pixi, a digital media artist.

Together they formed a collective to produce art without limits. They call this collective - Netherwxrld - a universe created in which expression of ones inner & outer world experiences can be unapologetically conveyed.

Doing everything themselves, from writing, producing, directing, recording, mixing, mastering and marketing - all from their home studio in Kent - Netherwxrld are a true representation of independent artists. Being a mix of 5 different cultures (French, Irish, English, Hungarian & Algerian), Netherwxrld do not conform to only one genre/label; and it’s very evident when listening to their music. If you compare the dreamy, spacious and uplifting opening track of their debut E.P. ‘Amethyst Deceiver’ to the darker, heavier and grungy ‘Let It Burn (Lay Back)’ - the jump in styles is drastic. It becomes clear that Netherwxrld aren’t trying to fit in, but rather, they’re developing their own unique style and scene.