Native - indie / folk music artist from Switzerland


In times of digital self-optimization, it is almost refreshing when an artist seems to limit himself to the essential things and lets his music speak for itself much more than putting his own person in the foreground.

You don't learn much about Native on the net. And the fact that we don't know his real name is only the first clue. "I don't talk much about the meaning of my songs and I don't try to explain them," explains the young songwriter. For Native, his songs must speak for themselves. "In a way, it's not so much what they mean to me, but what they say and mean to the listener," he adds.

The music of Native Music lives from the contrasts. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, fragile or passionate. With his unmistakable voice and the sounds he gets out of his guitar, he takes his audience into his own world, which makes them forget their everyday life and inspires them.

After a number of single releases, "It's Been A While", a new single from Native's 6-song EP "I See You In The Distance", which will be released in spring, will be released on April 10th. For the recording and production a house in the south of Los Angeles was rented and recorded there together with Jordan Ruiz. This resulted in a very natural and raw sound, as Jordan and Native worked a lot with the premises of the house.