naket spheras

naket spheras

naket spheras — experimental / electronic music project from Berlin, Germany


Naket Spheras is Madeline Ziemer and Gerald Sommerauer. They met in Berlin during the Covid-19 pandemic and found a common interest in the numinous facets of underground parties and dystopian electronic music. Less than two weeks after getting to know each other they started to record music together. With their project Naket Spheras they share a deep passion for weird sounds, sonic movements through times and dimensions and the joy of melting together those stirring moods. The haunting songs are constructed between Madelines effect-layered poignant, at times spiritual voices and a synthetic musical atmosphere that echoes its sensations in a broad range of layers from cordial pleasantness to biting distortion. Great inspiration comes from acts like Chris & Cosey, and from other practically self-taught musicians like Grimes and Sevdaliza, that disturb the image of contemporary expectations on pop music.

Naket Spheras is also a visual approach to access spaces and visions for creating compassionate analogue life in an ever transforming digital world. Madeline and Gerald use cerebral makeup and costumes to explore their modes of being bodies. They are driven by an unfailingly renewed fascination for the bewitched temptations that are aroused in our splintering society.

The songs in their first EP “Installation” deal with Identity, Bodies, Sexuality and Sensuality, and developed from the challenges of Madelines pedagogical work and Geralds ongoing film studies, that confront him with a cultural industry, that in many ways is very narrow-minded. The productions strongly breathe the contemporary mode of digital music production, making them independent from the flavors and rules of mainstream, merely taking them as an influence to be torn apart and pieced together in new, other ways.