Mottron — indie music artist from Paris, France


Mottron, a 32-year-old from France, works in the second category. While most of his colleagues write fast, visibly pressed by an invisible tic tac, he builds small monuments that, for lack of a better word, will be called organic cathedrals. The equivalent of the Sagrada familia, built stone after stone to culminate in "Giants", his first album. It's not too early.

The reason we're writing this is because Mottron preferred, as Bashung said, to take the counter-alley. Born in France, he nevertheless spent half his life in Canada, which naturally gave him an Anglo-Saxon ear. Completely self-taught, he started music "late", at 17, learned everything in his own corner, and then went on to work as a producer for others, just to confront the walls of sound. And then what happened next? After that, nothing for 12 years. "Luxury is time," they say.