Moon Panda

Moon Panda

Moon Panda - dream pop / shoegaze / indie music band from London, UK.


Coming from the distant and mythical land of Denmark, Moon Panda is ready to gently launch you into the electric currents that govern deep space. When Moon Panda isn't lulling you into a dream with their hypnotic, mellow grooves they're whipping up trippy, psychedelic music videos that coax you into their world and ask you to stay a while.

Fronted by Californian born songwriter/singer/bass player Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke. Their music brings to mind artists like Tame Impala and Beach House. Walls of synth wrapped around catchy grooves and guitar lines that jut out and remind you where you are. They've likened their music to swimming through pastel colored pools - which led to the title of their first digitally released EP, Pastel Pools. They enjoy documentaries about space, all the animals, their band dog B-MO, being by the sea, giant trees, and great television.

Band members

  • Vocals/Bass - Maddy Myers
  • Guitar - Gustav Moltke
  • Synth - George Godwin
  • Drums - Alfie Webber