Mono Sources

Mono Sources

Mono Sources - electronic / downtempo duo based in Long Beach, United States

Mono Sources is the creation of multi-instrumentalists Brett Bixby and Jesse Nason. The two met during recording of Brett’s album “City Lights”, after which Jesse joined Brett’s band in support of the album. In the years after, both of them exchanged touring and recording duties for Los Angeles songwriter AM and started to share a studio in Long Beach. This studio served two important purposes - a place to house their growing synth and effect collection and a place to start working on music together.

With no preconceived idea of what music they wanted to create, Brett and Jesse decided that the only rule that made sense was “if a new piece of equipment comes into the studio, it has to be used on today’s work”. The general recipe is they would each choose two synths and the pedals of the day, start playing independently to a chosen groove, until eventually one of the two would look up and say “that sounds good, let’s start there!”

After some steady time in the studio, some complementary ideas started to orbit each other and the D.I.Y. production process evolved. As songs emerged, so did the idea to expand the circle and invite friends to participate in the recording: vocalists SAS, Lauren Hillman (Kotomi), and Nick Logie (Hott MT), poet Derrick Brown, drummers Denny Weston Jr, Dan Bailey, Paul Doyle, guitarist Justin Burrow, bassist Tyler Chester and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee. This ethos also extended to the album cover, designed in paper cutout collage by musician and visual artist Keith Slettedahl of the LA band The 88.

The finished album combines all that the two creators are inspired by: moody synths, mid-tempo beats, primary melodies, and self-spun lyrics. About the album, they say it is somewhat of an experimentation - a headphone mixtape, a collage of different sounds and voices.

"Eno-esque textures blended with a soft rock ethos give way to an atmospheric “After The Gold Rush” or more analogue Bon Iver."

- AM, singer-songwriter