Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski - folk / indie music artist from Montreal, Canada


Matt already has a well-established and credible reputation across Europe, as well as in and around his home in Québec, Canada. Matt’s career has taken off since 2014 with the release of Old Man; a collection of folk songs inspired by his many trips and experiences around the world. The watershed, however, was the release of his sophomore album Solitudes, two years later, on the Audiogram label. Produced by Montreal-based music producer Connor Seidel. The album introduced him to a wide audience who discovered his mercurial voice and captivating songs.

Matt distributed Solitudes across Europe under his new labels Motor Musik and Yokanta in the Spring of 2018. Soon after, he participated in the Printemps de Bourges, toured as the support act for American artist Ben Folds in more than a dozen cities across Europe, and performed at London’s Meltdown Festival at the invitation of Robert Smith, singer of The Cure. Weird Ones, the new album, (which includes ‘Two Paper Moons’), is a graceful exploration of Matt’s trademark folk sound alongside fresh, new sounds and arrangements in collaboration with his musicians; guitarist Simon Angell, bassist Marc-André Landry, drummer Stéphane Bergeron and cellist and keyboardist Marianne Houle.