MADANII & L:LUCID is a newcomer, self-described, “future-pop” duo.


As the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany, MADANII explores feelings of otherness in her lyrics. Together with her partner in crime, L:LUCID, she blends traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and a booming bass with middle-eastern percussion all while Iranian melodies shimmer through her singing style.

This display of ambiguity in times when a prevalent fear in societies of the ‘unknown other’ is undoubtedly on the rise serves almost as a deliberate provocation. Rather than deferring to simple black and white thinking, MADANII & L:LUCID are embracing the paradox and reclaiming their otherness.

Mystical or urban, pop or underground, sex club or vernissage, dramatic or exuberant – MADANII & L:LUCID are all of these things at the same time, refusing any form of pigeonholing.