Lyrah is a singer / writer / producer based in San Francisco.


Growing up in a sleepy, small town in Pennsylvania, she spent her days writing at her piano and singing at everything from church to skate parks. She’s spent a lot of time working in the background with other artists — writing toplines, touring with a band as a keyboardist, and collaborating with other producers. Her EP Chemicals came out last year and was the start of her solo path. Her songs have been listed on Spotify - Fresh Finds, received praise from the likes of Earmilk and Indie Shuffle and topped the Hype Machine charts.

She's now revealing her brand new-single The View, an elegant r'n'b tinged tune, built upon a modern production and enriched by her seductive, pristine vocals.

Speaking about the song, She explains: "If you’ve ever had those moments where you’re trying to decode how someone feels about you, as you spend every moment with them, then this song is for you. At some point, we all pretend we’re just enamored by the pretty view of the city. You can’t swoon so obviously haha you gotta project that elsewhere."