Lyhre - electronic / house / deep house music project from Berlin, Germany.


we are Lyhre, alternative electronic artists fronted by Anitha (Producer, Singer & Songwriter) and completed by Daniel (Producer) from Berlin.

The music can be subsumed under the genre Indie-Electronica and is rather placed between the chairs of defined categories.

Dark synth textures, unusual compositions and a fragile voice with special melodies reminiscent of the early 90s immediately trigger movement and open a space in which anything is possible and everyone is welcome.

The name derives from the fictional speaker or the voice of the poem and thus their music sees itself more as a narrative than as following the structures of contemporary music.

Anitha serves this interface between new digitalized forms of expression and the intimate, human and analogue with her compositions. In addition to piano, e- guitar and her voice, the two work with analog and soft synthesizers in search of new textures.