Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio — folk / indie folk music artist from the United Kingdom


Luke ‘the Folk Boy’ De-Sciscio is a UK singer-songwriter whose music sounds like it was transported from a different era of song-writing.

Philosophical, witty and unremittingly honest - Luke's songs ruminate with a prophetic abundance that eludes to a value beyond the musical.

Eschewing the fervent journalism that belies his peers, Luke, draws from lyricism that tends less to the political and more to the communal human spirit.

Sonically intimate, with respect to the tradition of English folk music, his songs are at once grounded in the Earth and simultaneously spanning the ethereal chasm.

In 2020, Luke De-Sciscio released a season of three records; Good Bye Folk Boy, Eucharist and Sublime, the 33 tracks of which mark a voyage from the depths of chaos to the enlightening vantage of love.

The success of this body of work propelled Luke to the international stage and solidified his claim amongst the pantheon of great British folk singers.