L:LUCID - electronic music producer from Berlin, Germany


/:/ while his music sounds like
l:lucid dreams
tearing you down in a trippy world
filled with raw basslines
and futuristic sounds
it gets you up against the wall
pushes you to the edge
of reality and right there
it sprinkles you with beauty
and crosses every line in your head
making you thirsty
but drowning you at the same time

pairing up with others of his kind
he tends to disappear sometimes
but he’s always coming back
with wavy tunes and fresh ideas

L:LUCID is one half of MADANII
a duo combining pop and electronic music
with the persian heritage of the singer Dena
they started making waves when the duo
was announced on Musikexpress’ Hotlist for 2018
his first appearance is a remix of
MADANII’s latest single ROSMVRY
it’s a rollercoaster-ride
fusing dark-wavy basslines
and an unorthodox futuristic drop /:/