LILA DREW - indie / neo-soul music artist from LA, US.


The 19-year-old London born and LA based independent singer/songwriter is right in that sweet spot between childhood and adulthood; experimentation and responsibility; technicolor and black and white. But unlike most teens, this crossroads seems to have grounded Lila, and her music has found a home in the uncertainty. Drawing inspiration from journal entries, voice memos, and notebook confessions, Lila’s music reflects the mind of a teen wise beyond her years, who revels in the confusion that comes with growing up. The tracks and accompanying videos are full of big ideas and abstract references. As a true collaborator and perfectionist with a strong hand in everything she produces and releases, Lila also develops conceptual video pieces that go along with the music. “Songwriting is like lyrical scrapbooking,” she says of her process, “It’s pulling from a lot of different emotions and situations to articulate a full feeling.” Beyond interpretation, Lila thinks of her music as a letter to herself, “I feel things deeply —both positive and negative. I try to tap into that and hope it’s not singular.”