LIE NING - neo-soul / indie / pop music artist from Berlin, Germany.


LIE NING is an artist from Berlin who gives a musical home to this complex bundle of emotions.

He was born into the chaotic arty environment of Prenzlauer Berg in the mid-nineties. The housing project he lived in with his single mother was home to various characters from all walks of life.

From early on his mother took him to concerts and showed him a world of rhythm and melodies which would never let go of him again. More and more his voice emerged as the most powerful means of expression. Everything he couldn’t convey visually he wrote into songs.

An orchestra of languages, images and melodies surrounded the young man, making him receptive to the beauty that this unusual family was capable of creating.

In this environment, all art forms melted together into a collective form of expression.

LIE NING was interested in dance, fashion and fine art. Visual arts influence his work still today. What engages him most though, is music.

As he explains:

"We’re all looking for a home, a story, an anchor in the midst of breathtakingly fast imagery, opinions and ratings."

Dreams and reality, wishes and coercion, desire and insight lay the foundation for human passion. We constantly shift between them but how can we stay true to ourselves in the meantime?"

His debut single 'tonight' hit hard with a premiere piece via PAPER Magazine, and good support from the blogosphere.