Lea Porcelain

Lea Porcelain

Lea Porcelain is a Berlin based duo comprised of producer Julien Bracht and singer Markus Nikolaus.


Julien and Markus meet for the first time in a nightclub in Frankfurt. At this time both were busy with their own artist projects but decided to stay in touch as they felt a chemistry between each other.

Now – six years later – they are ready to release their second album under their band project Lea Porcelain.

In 2016 Lea Porcelain introduced a sound that is a mixture of post-punk, indie and garage rock - covered with a tasteful layer of melancholy, which lead to immediate international attention. The vocals are hypnotically unapologetic and brooding against an ambient background. Additionally, they use guitar patterns and heavy electronics and synthesizers in their soundscapes.

From KEXP in the States, an arena show in St. Petersburg and playing Reading & Leeds in the UK, the band is developing their sound further to yet again surprise their audience with an outstanding experience. Shortly after their 2016 EP, they released their 12 track debut album called “Hymns to the Nights”. After one and a half years of touring, they went back to their studio in Funkhaus Berlin to focus on writing their second album which will be released in 2020. In the process of writing the album the band relased the "Love Is Not An Empire” EP which already gives a little preview to the bands development that will be continued on their second album. The EP with the hit single “I Am OK” received wide support from KEXP US, to Radioeins in Germany and Apple Music B1 Chart Show London.

On the back of the EP Lea Porcelain played a nearly sold out GSA tour and an Eastern European tour in 2019. Leaving 2019 with a big surprise Lea Porcelain will drop the first album single Sink Into The Night end of November as well as announce new GSA tour dates.