Klaus Blatter

Klaus Blatter

Klaus Blatter - electronic music producer from Dortmund, Germany.


Klaus was born in the German city of Dortmund on the industrial Rhine and became an apprentice in a ball bearing factory after leaving school. The monotonous sounds of the machines were spirit-crushing for some of his work colleagues, but Klaus had the idea of trying to replicate the factory’s mechanical noises into electronic music.

Using primitive equipment, he recorded a series of rudimentary acid house tracks that he had pressed up onto white labels. Somewhat of a purist, he only pressed up one dubplate for each track — giving them to various friends and lovers, and flying over to Manchester in the north of England to give a couple to DJ Chad Jackson.

Chad immediately played both of the Klaus tracks at fabled nightlife institution The Hacienda, where they reportedly went down a storm. But then disaster struck. A warehouse fire in Dortmund led to the destruction of Klaus’s studio, and he tragically lost all the master-tapes and remaining white labels that he was set to distribute to the world.

In an age before the internet — let alone social media and search engines — this tragedy has meant there is very little documentary proof about Klaus’s early pioneering work. This has led to scepticism by some commentators about the validity of Klaus’s claims. But apparently one or two of the white labels have been found.

As the 1980s further unfolded, Klaus found himself in Ibiza. Dancing under the stars at celebrated club Amnesia to the music of island legend Alfredo one night, he met and befriended a young UK DJ called Danny Rampling, who was over on holiday with friends Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway. The Brits were very taken with the beautiful Balearic combination of music and ecstasy, and Klaus suggested to Danny that he should start a similar club-night on his return to London. The legendary Shoom was born.