Kicktracks - beat maker / producer from Moscow, Russia.


Moscow producer Kicktracks specializes in clean, laid back instrumentation, utilizing melancholic phrasing,
and balanced percussion to create vibrant, emotional beats. With close to 1,000,000 streams on his 2018 single
“Midnight Lovers”, Kicktracks unique style, and chill vibes invite singers, emcees, and pure fans of good

music to his sounds.

He came to prominence with his 2018 release ‘Midnight Lovers’ garnering attention from over seven hundred thousand listeners on Spotify alone. His style is uniquely chilled out, because of it’s simplicity and languid nature.

Kehard - enigmatic vocalist / songwriter from Batu, Indonesia. Could be known by his 2019 first release “trust u” with Monty Datta.

production fact:
This is really true lo-fi song, because all I have from Kehard was a record of his voice and guitar made on his smartphone.