KIALLA - electronic / hip-hop music project from Chicago, United States


Russian-Iranian hip-hop duo KIALLA was formed in 2018 in the west-side of Chicago.

Male vocalist and producer of KIALLA, KIA was a part of Iran’s hip-hop scene for many years collaborating with some of the most prominent hip-hop artists. He released his solo EP f(X) in 2016. It was shaped by merging industrial sounds with atmospheric middle eastern motives.

Via was one of the first female artists in the Russian hip-hop community and participated in a variety of hip-hop battles. In 2010 she released an album with former crew members and after that ventured out to travel the world, learning about different cultures and expanding her artistic perspective.

KIALLA is a unique Electronic Hip-Hop duo that originates from unique backgrounds outside of the US. KIA grew up in Tehran, Iran, where he began his creative journey. Via was born in Siberia, Russia, and became one of the few female pioneers in the Russian hip-hop scene. In January 2019, they dropped a compelling debut album called "RARE." This followed a series of singles and an EP, all released in 2018. In September 2019 duo released a music video for "Lies" off from the album "RARE." Followed by newly released singles "Kotton Kandy" and "Rusty Toys" on which the duo worked with Dan Konopka, principal member, drummer, producer, and remixer for Grammy Award-winning group OK Go.