Jon Cocker

Jon Cocker

Jon Cocker - acoustic / alternative music artist from Norwich, United Kingdom.


Jon Cocker was born in Sheffield, UK. After achieving great success in digital-driven social awkwardness, Jon decided to play the guitar. He convinced anyone who played an instrument to have a jam, played at various empty working men's clubs, and then joined his first gigging band whilst studying in Leeds, UK. Here, he began to sing. He now lives and works in Norwich, playing gigs drenched with incomprehensible mumbling between songs, covering themes melded from the pressures and distractions of life today. His obsession soon led to his parents referring to the guitar as his brother. He briefly became an international artist when he played a gig in Japan, attempting some Japanese phrases between songs with unknown success. Now, armed with a new guitar of the more acoustic variety, his first release, "Jon Cocker", has at long last been fortunate enough to escape the living room turned studio in which it was recorded.