Infested Angel

Infested Angel

Infested Angel — death metal / black metal band from Birmingham, UK.


Infested Angel are a British death metal band formed in Birmingham, the celebrated home of heavy metal. The band's music presents a pulverising intertwining of blastbeat brutality with morbid yet mournful walls of sound. Where other bands fixate on emulating genre giants, Infested Angel spew out visceral reflections of despair, loss and struggle within the human condition.

Their second release 'Submit to Death' was recorded with renowned producer Greg Chandler in early 2022. It represents a leap forward for the band in terms of songwriting and production. The trio spent the latter quarter of 2021 battering UK audiences with some of it's contents which were warmly received. The band remain hungry to spread their music far and wide and they intend to stride into 2022 with true death metal force. Follow them, turn it up and SUBMIT TO DEATH.