HYENAZ - synthwave music project from Berlin, Germany


HYENAZ are producers and performers in the emerging field of “embodied AV”, tightly integrating sonics, experiential, somatic performance and haptic exploration. In 2019, they were featured at Backslash Festival in Zürich, opened for CHRISTEENE at Berghain Säule and premiered their immersive production KNOWBODY at Maxim Gorki Studio R. They also worked as sound designers at Maxim Gorki Theater on two productions: W(a)rm Holes, Dir. Yony Leyser and Oder: Du verdienst deinen Krieg (Eight Soldiers Moonsick), Dir. Sasha Marianna Salzmann. In addition, they choreographed the contemporary dance group “Clusterfuck,” for Peaches’ stage show There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle, which is touring around Europe (Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg / Royal Festival Hall, London / Volksbühne, Berlin).


  • Mad Kate (Kathryn Fischer)
  • TUSK (Adrienne Teicher)