Hôy La

Hôy La

Hôy La — downtempo / trip-hop music artist from Copenhagen, Denmark


Ingri Høyland is Hôy La, a project designed to translate internal experiences of anguish, anger, and vulnerability into sounds that reveal how widely shared these feelings are.

Hôy La investigates the tensions of a world that individualizes pain by setting them against the release of an icy calm that holds this darkness in stasis for a moment, allowing us to take a glimpse. Through dissonance and resolution, repetition and dramatic departure, Hôy La’s music intervenes forcing a shared trauma into the light.

Throughout Ingri’s work, aesthetics go hand-in-hand with the music: “For me developing concepts and aesthetics can be an extra layer of processing and expressing the complexity of the mental landscape the music surrounds. Because of the stretched time of the pandemic, I've had time to go deep and I’ve been so lucky to work with some of the most inspiring people i know creating the visual concept and i can't wait to show you more."