Hēran Soun

Hēran Soun

Heran Soun - indie electronic music artist from Oakland, US.


What would you do if you could suddenly hear for the first time? Hēran Soun says the sensation is akin to tasting a grape after a flu-induced starvation. He was born in a muted world, living in and out of silence with only 15% hearing, which eventually dipped to 0%. A quiet but not so still childhood spent tossed between hospital treatments and therapy eventually gave rise to an eager mind full of rich soundscapes and skills.

Producer/singer/songwriter James Freeman Turner, Hēran Soun, was the artist in residence at 25th Street Recording Studio in Oakland, CA for the past three years, during which time he has been living out of an RV in the studio parking lot, sleeping in the days and working alone through the nights. His first album is due out mid-2020.