Gone — shoegaze / slowcore music band from the United States.


Gone began as a solo project by Nate Crawford. Typically playing as a two-piece live with a different line up of drummers taking place over the years, he began building a local following. In 2018 he began writing with Brett Helke. The two were both looking for outlets for their songs, so one would play while the other essentially taught themselves how to play drums. Over time things began to click. Growing closer over the years through their shared love for bands like Unwound, Blonde Redhead, and Duster, they wrote enough material to put out their first full length.

Fever Dream was recorded throughout 2019-2021 at The Hive, their shared art space. It will be released later this year with Crafting Room Recordings. During live performances each would play a 4-5 song set rotating from drums to guitar. As they started gaining a following in the local music scene they knew they were limiting themselves by being a two piece. Only one musician came to mind when they thought of a bass player, and that was Elliott Malvas. At the time, both were huge fans of his band, You're Jovian, and Elliott furthered himself by becoming the touring guitar player for the Swirlies. They both agreed he was the only option. They began playing as a three piece live band and began writing all new material. The addition of a bass proved to be pivotal to the writing process. This is where they are now. 2022, as a three piece with what seems like endless new material.