Golden Plates

Golden Plates

Golden Plates - shoegaze / post-punk / alternative music band from Salt Lake City, US


In 1823, Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered the word of God on some Golden Plates in New York. For better or worse, he started a movement that forever shaped our culture.

The truth is, Music is god. Rock and Roll can actually save your soul. The Golden Plates are wax platters and silver discs that contain the music that defines humanity. Elder Brycen is on a mission to spread the word, salvation is here, in the new top 40 single, at the house party down the street where the local house band is playing, on the stage of the music festival where you're checking out the latest fashions. You too can see the light and find salvation, and you don't even have to give up booze, drugs, coffee or premarital sex. Take the 10 % of your money that you send to your church, and use it to support local artists. They're much less likely to be pedophiles than the leader of your church, and might save more lives with the tale of their struggle than any book written 2000 years ago ever has.

We are a band that plays music that will one day in the future be found by a drunk man who will turn our music into a religion.