Getaway Dogs

Getaway Dogs

Getaway Dogs - indie / alternative music band from Santa Cruz, United States


Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-American, Santa Cruz-based songwriter, Kai Killion. A sound which consists a potent blend of indie rock, Tropicalia, and soul, it is conveyed best in the self-coined genre, "Cushy Bedroom Psychedelic Bossanova & Dreamsurf." There exists a symbiosis between these different elements, rooted in its rawest form in Killion's songwriting. Getaway Dogs have made a name for themselves in the Santa Cruz and greater Bay Area music scene, having opened for notable acts such as The Mattson 2, Durand Jones & the Indications, Gabriella Cohen, and Tommy Guerrero. This Fall the band is proud to announce the upcoming release of their second and most refined album, BELONG.

This is the soundtrack to a lush, summer dream: A bluesy, rosey, jazzy, and fruitful escape through music. Hypnotic vocal harmonies and swirling guitars, entrancing drum beats and slippery keyboards: All these and more play into Getaway Dogs' latest fantasia. BELONG narrows in on Getaway Dogs' unique style from previous bodies of work. Unifying psychedelic surf-rock, indie, folk, soul and Tropicalia, it dives deeper into the hidden caves of musical discovery, embracing the vastness without going adrift. Getaway Dogs lure multitudes of sound from behind each corner, giving them a space to roam together. Each song conveys its own particular feeling as honest, introspective lyrics inhabit the atmosphere created by layers of influence. The album title, Belong, calls the listener in to feel at home in the dreamscape, and to hold space for those who feel overwhelmed by the current state of the world. BELONG is out for release September 27th.