FLOCKS - experimental music band from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


Driven by a fascination with the possibilities of the human interpretation of electronic sounds, FLOCKS strives to create music that guides the listener through a variety of sonic landscapes. Their musical voice is defined by the interaction of analog synths, electric bass, and acoustic drums replicating synthetic textures. Samples and the human voice also play a significant role in FLOCKS’ approach to songwriting.

Members Tom Buckley (drums/samples), Josh Jessen (synths/keyboards), and Steve Patota (bass/guitar) came together to form FLOCKS in the vibrant music scene of Cincinnati, Ohio. Collectively, they have performed/recorded across the world with such artists as Hi-Tek, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Naytronix, Huntertones, Fareed Haque, and Members of WHY?

Band members:

  • Tom Buckley - Drums / Sampler
  • Joshua Jessen - Keys / Synth
  • Steve Patota - Bass / Guitar