Dyatlove - post-metal / sludge band from Vancouver, Canada


Dyatlove is a rock band from Vancouver, BC whose austere music stems from a place of deep emotion, expressing the language of the self laid bare. Its 4 members - Sam (vocals/guitar), Rikki (guitar), Justin (bass) and Rob (drums) - create raw, passionate, and at times gut-wrenching musical offerings.

Though a newly-formed group, the band’s collective musical memory is long and their backgrounds are aesthetically diverse. Drawing inspiration and experience from the genres of hardcore, punk, emo, hip-hop and electronic music, Dyatlove seeks a sound that overwhelms sonically. They push their melodies as far as they can go, creating an emotional fallout that forces its listener to reckon with the intricacies and instabilities of being human.“We want to give everything we have to our fans,” they express, “and we want them to understand that we get what they are going through, and are there for them through our music.”

The heavy, overflowing sound of Dyatlove’s storytelling style is for everyone - it is authentic art that shapes its audience slowly, earnestly and rather forcefully. It is classic in form and radical in content: whether heard in digital or analog, studio-produced or live, Dyatlove is a unique and essential listening experience.