Dorothy Shrödinger

Dorothy Shrödinger

Dorothy Shrödinger — electronic / industrial music artist from Mexico.


Dorothy Shrödinger was born in Paris. As a young girl, she studied jazz piano and music theory. She has great interest in contemporary classical music, Gagaku and quantum mechanics, unless it was in a previous life. She lives in Mexico, but someone claimed to have met her in the valley of Oz. Who she is and where she lives may depend on the observer.

Her first EP is the result of two years of introspection with sensory deprivation in a dark room with closed windows, a piano, occult machines and a Roger Penrose book on her bedside table. This is a sonic journey from dark pop to industrial music, crushed in a steampunk grinder. But something is lurking in the dark, something that is staring at her from the back of the room. Dorothy doesn’t look worried. She talks calmly and out loud with her invisible friend: Are You Real?