Daughter of Dawn

Daughter of Dawn

Daughter of Dawn — slowcore / trip-hop music artist from Minneapolis, United States


Daughter Of Dawn is the solo project of Emma Goldman Grey (Malachi, Contentious, Hive), a trans musician and activist residing in the Twin Cities. Whereas Emma's former musical work tended towards the visceral end of the music spectrum, Daughter Of Dawn utilizes softness, minimally distorted guitars, electronic pulses, and glitch elements to encapsulate songs about love, grief, joy, and justice. Equal parts Electronic music, Experimental music, Trip-Hop, Art-Pop, and Dream-Pop, Daughter of Dawn is both amorphous and gripping, fluid and solid.

Two teaser tracks for the album were released in July of 2020, which have garnered Daughter of Dawn a loyal following. One listener had this to say "It’s apparent this music was born out of the depths of her heart. These songs are pure magic. Love, pain, joy, and rage are all present here. These pure emotions are beautifully wrapped up in guitar hooks and beats that make you want to float away."

Daughter of Dawn was born in 2018 by a desire to incorporate electronic music elements with a passion for American goth/pop music such as Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle. Daughter of Dawn became something epic; something the world had never heard. Started during the COVID-19 pandemic, Daughter of Dawn’s first full-length album “Crushed into Dust by the Weight of the World” is what emerged. It was recorded and mixed entirely at home by Emma Grey with further mixing and mastering at Basement Studios by Michael Duffy. It is her opus, a journey into sound, joy, pain, passion, and love.