Constant Smiles

Constant Smiles

Constant Smiles - psychedelic rock / lo-fi rock music project from Massachusetts, US


Control follows 2019’s John Waters, and it anchors Jones’s signature reverb-drenched grooves in a palpable intensity. The multi-layered guitar tracks are lush, but there's a crooner’s depth here, akin to the best Chris Isaak songs. Soothing wah-wah pedals and drifting vocals blend with driving drum tracks to hypnotize the listener, while never losing command of their full attention. On standout tracks like “You're on Your Own” and “All Drugs,” Jones and his collaborators wrangle every musical trick they have mastered and infuse them with a bare and poignant vulnerability. The listener is invited into a deeply intimate and personal space to join Jones as he processes an intense period of personal grief through musical alchemy. Across Control’s 12 tracks, you can hear the artist diving deep into his internal conflicts, grappling with addiction, the aforementioned destructive creative drive, and scarring loss.