CLIENTS - black metal / death metal band based in Copenhagen, Denmark


The Copenhagen-based (DK) 5-piece outfit Clients blend Blackened Metal with elements of Grind, dense layers of Ambient and memorable passages which makes for a crushingly heavy sound.

Inspired by bands such as Anaal Nathrakh, Behemoth and Enslaved, Clients formed in 2018 and deliberately kept under the radar until september 2019 where they released their first single 'Moth King' from their upcoming debut album 'A Callous Heart Rejects'.

The album 'A Callous Heart Rejects' was recorded and produced in Copenhagen (DK) by guitarist Peter Hansen and mixed and mastered by Robin Leijon at Lionheart Recordings in Gothenburg (SE).


  • Nick Demant (vocals)
  • Peter Carlsen (guitar)
  • Alex Knudsen (bass)
  • Richardt Olsen (drums)
  • Peter Hansen (guitar)