Christian Prior

Christian Prior

Christian Prior - alternative / indie rock musician from London, UK.


Christian grew up in a tiny, remote village on the beautifully bleak moors of the North of England. Without much to do and nowhere to go, music became his companion and escape. His days became filled with music: writing songs, playing piano, singing, and listening to as much music as he could get his hands on. Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, and John Martyn became his heroes.

At the age of 18, with a burning desire to continue his musical journey, Christian moved to the thriving metropolis of London - A place overflowing with live music where he could be endlessly inspired. He has spent the last 10 years in the city honing his skills, writing and performing. Highlights include performances at Wilderness Festival, St. Pancras Old Church, The Royal Festival Hall, and Ronnie Scott’s.

Christian’s music brings together his love for alternative rock, electronica, and jazz. Soaring synths, rare grooves, wonky guitars and vintage keyboards underpin a vulnerable yet powerful voice. With lyrics depicting joy, depression, love lost and found, random acts of kindness, and challenging authority’s assumed wisdom. Both the cold, dark beauty of the moors, and the frantic, vibrant energy of London can be heard in Christian’s eclectic sounds.